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New Year’s Resolutions

Is your New Year’s Resolution to be more organised with your books and records? If so, here are a few helpful tips;

  • Keep a plastic wallet in your car for any small receipts such as fuel, parking and subsistence. That way you won’t be finding footprints and coffee stains on them at the year end.

  • If you’re fed up of printing invoices and often find you’ve missed a paypal receipt or even duplicated an invoice, then why not create a folder on your computer and save all invoices as a PDF? We recommend saving the file with the date first so you can easily check if you’ve already saved an invoice.

  • Also save your bank statements as a PDF from your online banking once a month.

  • Make sure your accounting software is updated monthly, and if you don’t want to use accounting software then an excel spreadsheet will usually suffice. Keeping your records up to date will make you aware of any overspending and bills that may be creeping up.

If you need any help putting a system in place please call Kayleigh on 07525 421 454.

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