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What our clients say...

Of course we're going to say we're great, but here's what our clients think;

> Professionals  in offering the ultimate accountancy advice & advises relevant to our business - Confident Dining Limited


Personal bespoke service from a business that really understands exactly what we need & is always open for us to ask questions - Burning Blocks


> The service has been friendly, helpful, and professional with quick response times to queries and concerns; excellent service - Vicky Carr-Rickwood


Personal interaction and clear concise advice - Anonymous


Very personal, always helpful and highly professional at all times - Visual Answers Limited


Excellent, very responsive, and personal service - Chemiserv Limited


Friendly & professional service. Explains everything so well and saves me money :) - MJB Display Limited


> Easy to understand with a relaxed atmosphere, which isnt the norm in this industry - Indivijilly

> Kayleigh is approachable, explains things clearly, and is patient - Fix Resourcing Limited


> Information is delivered in English, and they are understanding of our business. We are not just numbers in a column - Harrier UK Limited


We particularly like the knowledgeable friendly one to one service we receive - contactable at any time. Our business considers Darcey & Bate to be an important part of the team. They are interested in the whole business and see us not just as numbers, this rewards us with useful advice in other areas. Moving to Darcey & Bate has been the best decision we have made and has benefitted our business in many ways - Creative Grids (UK) Limited

And the scores are in...


How would you rate our overall service?  

9.8 out of 10


How do you find our timeframes for completing work?

9.7 out of 10


How useful have you found our advice?

9.9 out of 10


Do you feel we meet all of your business needs?

100% say YES


Would you recommend Darcey & Bate?

100% say YES

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