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The moment I realised I really am an accountant…

The moment I realised I really am an accountant…

Well, I’d ordered my exciting new purchase from Amazon and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. The postman came, I ran downstairs as quick as I could not wanting to miss him and have to collect it from the sorting office. It felt like Christmas day; I couldn’t wait to use my stylish new present… so here’s my new rotary business card holder!

Well that’s all for now guys & gals.

business card holder_edited.jpg

The boring but useful stuff...

RTI Payroll reports

If you are an employer and haven’t been submitting your monthly RTI payroll reports make sure they’re all filed and up to date by 5th October 2014. HMRC have delayed sending out late penalty notices and if all reports from 5th April 2014 – 5th October 2014 have been submitted by this date, you’ll avoid the hefty fines.

Gift aid

This is a point not many people are aware of… if you make gift aid payments to a charity and don’t actually pay tax during that tax year HMRC can collect the gift aid element from you by way of a tax charge. If you want to give to charity and you don’t pay tax you should not tick the gift aid box on the relevant charity donation forms.

Well that’s all for now guys & gals.


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