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Kayleigh’s Little Helper

Hi, I’m Liam, and here’s a little bit about my day at the office … I know what you’re thinking – a doggy this cute can’t have brains as well as looks, but I do :)

I usually spend my days at home doing all my favourite things like; sleeping, sleeping, and sleeping, and oh yes making lots of mess in time for Kayleigh coming home. But today I am Kayleigh’s little helper. Kayleigh’s right when she says office work is hard, as it was really hard napping and people spotting all day – I enjoyed it so much I didn’t even bark at the post man!

I have to say though that the highlight of my day was having the whole office to spread out in, rather than having to share my bed with the cat like I have to at home! If this is what working is like, I think I will come to work every day, but next time Kayleigh -a few more doggy treats wouldn’t go a miss …

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