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Job Support Scheme

The Government have increased the level of support available to Employers, to help protect more jobs & incomes. The scheme will run for 6 months, beginning on 1st November, replacing the Job Retention Scheme. The level of support will be reviewed in the new year. The new details of the Job Support scheme are as follows:

For employers in Tier 1 & 2 levels, known as Job Support Scheme Open, the minimum hours an employee is required to work is now 20% of their normal working hours & they will be paid in full for these hours, by the Employer. As for non-working hours, the Government will pay 61.67% of hours not worked, upto £1,541.75, & the employer’s contribution for non-worked hours will be 5%, up to £125 per month. This means that employee’s will receive a minimum of 73% of their usual wages, providing their usual salary is below the threshold of £3,125 per month. Employers who use this scheme will be able to claim a Job Retention Bonus, if they meet the criteria for this.

Employers will be able to claim online, via, from 8th December.

Please follow this link: , to see if your business is eligible for the Job Support Scheme Open & for more information regarding the rules of the scheme.

Should your business be forced to close & fall into Tier 3 restrictions, then eligible businesses will be able to apply for the Job Support Scheme Closed, where each Employee will receive 2/3 of their normal pay, upto a maximum of £2,083.33 per month, paid through their Employer but fully funded by the Government. More information regarding the Job Support Scheme Closed, is available on the link above also.

If you have any queries regarding the Job Support Scheme, please contact us on 01530 414 285 or email


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