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Know your staging date

I know we've all seen the adverts but how many of you have thought about auto enrolment?

All employers will now need to provide a work place pension for their staff.

Do you know your business' staging date?

Do you know which employees qualify?

Are you going to look at NEST, The People's Pension or are you going to use an Independent Financial Advisor.

Auto enrolment is a mindfield and unfortunately pension providers are set to be so inundated with sign ups they are asking you to plan 12 months before your staging date.

There are hefty fines for anyone that does not comply.

If you want to find out your staging date simply enter your PAYE reference number on the following link;

Need any further advice? We are working with a number of IFAs and can refer you to the best suited to you. Give us a call on 01530 414 285.

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