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Benefits of being a Limited Company

Have you thought about why some businesses are Limited Companies? Well, the answer is simple really – it is because there are so many benefits of being a Limited Company.

For a start, it can save you thousands of pounds in tax and national insurance contributions by taking money by way of dividends, now surely that’s a good enough reason! but let me give you some facts…

In 2014/15 with a profit level of £40,000, you would save up to a massive £2,546.96 a year!

Also, you are not personally liable for any business debts unless you have stated otherwise, as a company it is its own legal entity. And that is not all … Limited Companies are often thought of as larger businesses, which in turn helps to draw in more business and impresses clients!

A win: win situation don’t you think?!

If you would like to learn more about the fantastic savings that can be had, and some free guidance about becoming a Limited company, then contact Kayleigh on 07525 421 454 or at, or let’s meet for a coffee sometime?

Well that’s all for now guys & gals.


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